We offer a 13m² room for the time of the Dokumenta13 and we are looking for nice people from all over the world, who want to stay in our place for some days.



The room:

Its furnished with a cupboard, a bed, a desk and all you need to feel comfortable.

The other rooms:

We have a lot of stuff and you are welcome to use everything in our kitchen like spices, dishes etc. There is a dishwasher waiting for you.

The bathroom:

We have a big bathroom with a bath tub and shower and also a space for you to put some things in the bathroom.
There is also a washing maschine waiting for you
Besides, if you want to, we can give you blankets and towels.

About us:

We are 25 and 28, uncomplicated and interested in new people. We smoke in the whole flat.In your room you can do what you want to. If we have time and you are interrested we can help you to discover the city, its pubs and everything else.

The rent:


20 Euros for 1 Night.

When you travel together, for every person its 5 Euros more.

Dogs, cats, rats and dinosaurs are welcome as well and can stay for free ;)

When you have questions just write a mail and we will response quickly.

If you decide to stay with us just write a mail with how many people you\'ll stay,for what time and perhaps a little bit about yourself.


At the End of this page is a shedule, where you can ask questions or where you can write us the date and everything important for your visit. We write you at the same day back and give you an acknowlegdment for your advanced Booking.


We are loking forward to see you.

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